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Hey everyone,

Today I will be posting an interview with an amazing artist I met on Instagram ( I saw some of his drawings and needed him to draw my characters… Take a look at some of the drawings he did of Trevor:

Hello, I’m John Grec Archibald. Greco for short, I’m mostly know as over on my social medias. I am a 90’s kid born on the 6th day of July in a small city in the south east of the orient in country named Philippines. Forgive me if my english is not as good for it is my 3rd language. 2. What made you want to become an artist?

It all started when i was still a toddler, as the 2nd and youngest sibling i usually copy whatever my big sister does when we’re together and she tends to draw a lot. (I was 11 months and a week younger than her, we meet our age about a span of a week), then it grew on me and I keep on drawing and sketching. On my 1st grade I was the weirdo since I was the only one who draws and during break time my classmates tends to play and me sometimes I stay inside the classroom and just doodle. It was then become a hobby of mine to draw, up to junior year in college and then I joined deviantart and posting my artwork there and it wasn’t still the best but at that moment i though it was very good. It paved me to become who I am now, I don’t even consider myself as a big artist since I have no formal training with it and is just doing it for fun and make some money on the side with it to help me financially.

3. What motivates you to draw?

I wouldn’t say it’s a motivation but as an expression, whenever i feel happy and I am in the artsy mode I tend to draw something with a happy feeling same goes when i feel blue. I usually accompany music whenever i draw to even set me more in the mood I’m at, and also that goes to what genre of music I’m listening when I want to convey with my artwork.

4. Do you have a favorite artist?

I fell in love with Glen Keane’s creation of Ariel. He is my hero and also the driving force of how i come up my art style. So I guess he’s my favorite artist. And also Claire Keane who’s the daughter of Glen, she has an amazing art style and did such a great contribution to Tangled. On the side note Ariel was like the base look for the Renaissance heroines or should I say the beginning of that 2D “Disney Princess”y look. And then Rapunzel who was also created by Glen Keane was the influential look for the 3D Princesses like Elsa, Anna and now Moana. So Glen’s work is such a huge contribution to the Disney Princess brand.

5. Do you have a favorite artist from before the 21st Century (ex. Van Gogh, Picasso…)

I am not very knowledgeable of the history of the art world, but I really love the Greek Gods painting, or similar style to it and “The Swing” painting which was also inspired the movie Tangled. Those type of artists with that type of art style is what I am into.

6. How would you describe your drawing style?

I don’t really know how to describe it. ahahaha I think it’s a semi Disney Princess with my own twists. And most of my followers describe it as clean, smooth and flowy, since i don’t have fancy brushes like other artists’ with those sketch edges and coloring look (which i always wanted to have in my style).

7. What inspires you?

Disney is a big inspiration to my art. 8. Where do you see yourself in the future? Well, my day job is really a wedding planner assistant and me being an artists is somewhat I only do on the side. I see myself able to establish my own wedding business and to be know to be an “Archibald Wedding” flare or signature which really differs from other Wedding Planners. On the artist side I do hope that I will still able to do so and be an inspiration to young artists, and to touch other people’s lives through my art.

I personally fell in love with his art because of how much it reminded me of Disney 😁😁😁

Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Archibald! Make sure you follow him on social media!

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