Where my characters come from

Here is a bonus post; Take a look at where my characters were born…

Trevor Henderson (Pirates of the Lost Cove)- Manchester, England Nikolas Sanjephtha (Pirates of the Lost Cove) – Kidemônas Vèlos Matthew Dormant (Pirates of the Lost Cove)- London, England

Arabella Karson (Pirates of the Lost Cove) – London, England

Frankincense Til (The Last Borns)- Bristol, England Graydon Prierce (The Last Borns) – New York, USA Tarek Kollins (The Last Borns) – California, USA Calum Varience (The Last Borns)- Melbourne, Australia Aston Leech (The Last Borns) – Waterford, Ireland Larkin Wallace (The Last Borns)- London, England Annola Smailliw (The Last Borns)- New Jersey, USA

Michal Farrington (The Unknown Monster)- Village, NJ to Los Angeles, California

Eric Michael (Eric Michael Mysteries)- Glendale, NJ Aldrich Lloyd Hemmington III (On The Relative Contrary)- Kent, England to Beverly Hills, CA Newton Kwasowski (On The Relative Contrary) – Joplin, Missouri Love and Kisses,

Alonna 😘

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